Saturday, March 27, 2010

"March" with us... and Family Rules!!

My sweet friend, Becky, challenged me last night to UPDATE! So of course it got my wheels turning....what is up to date with us?? What shall I blog about? :)
Well, I do have to tell you, while we really don't have many new pics - the kids are doing new things!!! (
(but first I had to start with one of my ALL TIME FAVORTIE pictures of the kids - they are all so much bigger now...but this will forever be a fav!)

Kaitlyn got surprisingly inducted to the National Honor Society for MATH! REALLY! MATH!! I know.... I think that's pretty impressive.... MATH is not generally a subject I would think too many people are great at!! SOOOOOOOO!!! YEA!!!! KAIT!!!
She is already in the National Honor Society for Spanish and Art!!
And... She has officially visited 3 colleges so far and one of them is on her top list!! She visited Swanee, Vanderbilt and Auburn....which on do you thing she chose?? Well, if you know Kaitlyn you know she wants a big college - having gone to a small high school and she loves to go to a football game and have A TEAM to support soooo AUBURN so far is her pick! She still wants to visit UNC Chapel Hill and Clemson and UT.... I'll keep ya posted!!

Harrison is playing baseball - well practicing to play baseball and he is loving it!! He has commited to go to a day camp this summer - which is HUGE and he's doing great! School is tough but play is fun and he's such a happy little guy... I think we'll make it! Only a little longer until we can play all day long!!!
Praise God!!

Lilly Ann....well, she is running the roost! She's hilarious! She's got such an opinion about everything....but I still think she'll run something somewhere someday!
she has told me she wants to go to soccer camp this summer - I am guessing at Life Time Fitness b/c they have a Munchkin Madness Soccer Camp. Of course she'd go today if it were an option!
She is still in gymnastics...she's learning her kartwheel and toe touch and if you sit still long enough she'll show you both! :)

Jason and I are just plugging along waiting on May because we will be going to the beach for two weeks!! Actually - I'll be there with the little kids for 4 or 5 days until Kait is out of school and then the teenagers (Kaitlyn is bringing bf Hope) and Jason will come the last week and 1/2!! WE can not wait!

So...last night we had a "GIRLS NIGHT OUT" at my house!! And we decided to create these very cute Family Rules Canvases... well most of us did! I actually made something start! I had a difficult time chosing only a few rules because I found so many of them to be ones I "LOVED" which is very Christi of me!!
So, I made a very cute canvas with a cross and a bible verse on that immediately came to mind (with a friend in mind) so it will most likely be a present to my sweet friend :)


As I sat this morning "pondering" over the nights events I began to think of my own family rules but I was thinking about them while I sat in my chair for my quiet time with of course the Holy Spirit interveened and I have to share because they are so PERFECT! And they are for everyone.... and God put them there for us to follow!! LOVE IT!!

Colossians 3:9-20 (off and on and not in that exact order....does that make since??)

1. Do EVERYTHING to Glorify God!
2. Say your Prayers.... Thank God for your family!
3. Be Patient! Be Kind! Be Gentle!
4. Obey your Mommy and Daddy!
5. Love One Another!
6. Share Everything! Except Bad Ideas!
7. Always Forgive...Like God forgives you!
8. Always tell the truth!
9. Use kind words...ignore ugly words!
10.Mommy support Daddy... Daddy hug Mommy!
11. SING!
Okay, I admit these are definately My Words interpretting these scriptures in kids terms but.... I love that they are God Given life/ family Rules!!

So.... go make your own "Family Rules" or at least have fun with your family :)

Have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up!

So.... it's been a crazy couple of months....let's catch up!
First, Kaitlyn is living here.... in case you missed that BIG announcement in January! She is back at Lausanne and is loving it-this is her Junior year! She has a new boyfriend, Taylor and got a new car... AND redid her room! WHEW! She has had a BIG 2010!!
Since January, Matt Sullivan - Jason's cousin, came to visit from Boston and we took him to Beale Street - as well as Kait, Taylor, Harrison and Lilly Ann!! The little guys had NEVER been downtown Memphis either so it was a really fun day!!
We've had fun in more snow than Memphis has seen.... since I can ever remember and....well.... I'm sure there is more but I've got lots of pics to share so let's catch up!!

Kaitlyn and Lilly Ann painted toes and we crafted.... cute fun!!

Matthew came to visit!!! We went to downtown Memphis....saw the ducks, road the trolley, ate at Blue City Cafe and visited Elvis's place :) Not exactly in that order was all fun!! The kids loved it!! (ps- Taylor's the one with the beard and Matt's the one with no hair :) You'll notice Lilly Ann is pretty smitten with cousin Matt.... she's a sucker for nice guys!! You'll have to pardon the unorganization of the pics - I can't tell what pic is what until it opens up after downloaded....uuuhhhggg!

Then... it "ice-snowed" (Memphis style) enough to cover "the hill" and we went sledding - after 22 hours of no electricity!! Harrison rocked!! Lilly and I only tried a few times and Jason tried a few - the walk back up was LLLOOONNNGGG and wet and more than snow was ice so it was stinkin cold on our feet!! (harrison had insulated snow boots - no one else did - rain boots was the most we had for protection - cute but not insulated :)

Baby Dawson and Aunt Maggie came for a weekend to visit too :)

And then... it was Valentine's Day! We home this year:)

And Kaitlyn, Hope, Rachel and Taylor painted her room :)

In a nut shell :)
Whew! We have been buuusssyyy! Check back soon b/c we had a really fun February and I have a few other posts immediately to follow :)

Have a Blessed Day!!